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High conflict people sometimes have traits of Cluster B personality disorders, such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

in high conflict divorce, 
you're NOT an EQUAL

you're the enemy

Learn to navigate the scorched earth tactics of
post-separation abuse with help from a trained advocate who has been on the front lines.

Personalized High Conflict Divorce & Custody Coaching Anywhere in the U.S.

Divorcing a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder or narcissistic traits is a perilous journey. A high conflict divorce coach can help you navigate with strength and strategy
Survive your divorce, protect your family

You want to keep things amicable and act in your children's best interest. But your co-parent is declaring war. 

If you're divorcing a high conflict person or are involved in ongoing custody disputes, the well-meaning advice from loved ones and many attorneys does not apply. Because our family court system is woefully ill-equipped to see through their manipulation, victimhood and cunning charm.


A high-conflict parent is self-serving. They're highly gifted at controlling the narrative to maintain power and control when the relationship ends. The devaluing, intimidation, triangulation and chronic blaming escalate. And when emotional, physical and financial control don't silence you, they use the family court system. 

Whether you're going through high conflict divorce and custody, planning your way out, or are struggling to co-parent with your hostile ex, we can help.


We're certified high conflict divorce coaches with proven strategies to help you. 

"This is going to be a bloodbath."

Quote from a high-conflict co-parent


your secret weapon in a high conflict divorce

We're certified high conflict divorce coaches and custody advocates who have walked in your shoes and are driven to help counter the emotional and financial devastation involved in high conflict divorce and custody disputes. We're guided by our intense desire to place the best interest of children above individual parental interests and to empower protective parents.

Stomping On Eggshells coaches are trained through the High Conflict Divorce Certification Program. Created by family court advocate, Tina Swithin of One Mom's Battle, it's the nation's first and only coaching program specializing in high conflict divorce and custody cases involving narcissistic individuals. 

We guide you across 3 pivotal areas of divorce and custody that can make or break your case. And, we'll help you adopt an empowered mindset for seeing your situation in a radically new light. 

Click below to meet our certified high conflict divorce coaches and learn more our revolutionary approach.

The High Conflict Divorce Coach Certification Program (HCDCCP) is the only certification created by Tina Swithin, founder of One Mom's Battle and educator about divorcing a narcissist or individual with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)
If you have experienced narcissistic abuse at the hands of someone with NPD or BPD, you are not alone


Divorcing a narcissist and co-parenting with one is neither quick, amicable or fair, which is why having a high conflict divorce coach on your team is essential. When you work with a Stomping On Eggshells certified high conflict divorce coach, you gain a strategic ally to hold your hand through every step of the divorce, custody and co-parenting process. We can identify gaslighting, deflection and crazy-making and help you avoid traps.  


Stomping On Eggshells is a unique divorce coach experience, because every certified high conflict divorce coach is trained to offer strategy, guidance and support across 3 key areas of high conflict divorce, custody and co-parenting.

The 3 LIEs of High Conflict Divorce, Custody & Co-parenting


Discover how to think strategically, stay organized and prepare documentation while avoiding pitfalls. 


Learn strategies for effective, productive co-parenting communication and for navigating parent-child challenges.


Find out how to keep your resilience tank full through the mind-numbing ordeal and connect with a coach who 'gets it'.


"Thank you for all your help during my divorce process. I am fortunate to have found you and felt a little more in control when everything seemed like it was falling apart."

-S, Queens County, NY

"While I'm still in the middle of this ugly war, I won this battle. I am so glad I found you." 

-J., Worcester County, MA 

"My husband and I are so grateful [our daughter] has become a client. 
The support and suggestions you have already shared with her have been so helpful.  I believe in the short time [she] has worked with you, she seems a little stronger and a lot less emotional."

-M, Worcester County, MA

"Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your crusade. You are changing lives for the better." 

-K., Middlesex County, MA

"Thanks so much, I've really enjoyed speaking with you and appreciated all your help and resources immensely.  It's great to have someone to speak with about this."

-S., Clackamas County, OR

"Thank you so much! Claudia, you are a gifted coach!"

-S., Berkshire County, MA

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