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Out of Pain Comes Extraordinary Strength and a Newfound Sense of Purpose

The only thing more soul-crushing than being married to a narcissist is divorcing one. It is an assault on your character, spirit and finances. And so the battle begins - your children,  collateral damage. This divorce will not be fair, amicable or quick. 


Family court, insisting that both parties must be equally responsible for dragging it out, will be the weapon. "Think of your kids... put your personal interests aside," your judge will scold. Except the narcissist can't. And if you - the protective parent - protest, you risk being labeled a paranoid alarmist trying to alienate your children and interfere with their relationship with the high conflict parent.

To anyone on the outside, this sounds like a dramatic over-exaggeration fit for a Hollywood movie plot. They shrug it off as part of a nasty divorce. "Try talking it out" or "give it time", they offer.


But those of us on the inside know this is not a "normal" divorce. Because it was not a normal marriage.

Level the Playing Field - We'll Show You How

Stomping On Eggshells was created out of a personal commitment to empower and prepare the protective parent for the long road ahead - legally, interpersonally and emotionally. We are a team of certified coaches, protective mothers and survivors with the specialized training and collective experience to help minimize the mental and financial devastation of a high conflict divorce and custody battle. 

Power, money and charm tip in the favor of the coercive, toxic and high conflict personality. But our effective strategies for dealing with them are the equalizer. 


Whether your partner has been clinically diagnosed with a Cluster B personality disorder or exhibits behaviors consistent with one, the path of destruction is the same. By working one-on-one with one of our highly trained, compassionate coaches, you will be prepared to anticipate and counter the attacks, improve your outcome and turn trauma into strength.

Highly Skilled Certified Coaches

  • Every coach is certified through Tina Swithin's High Conflict Divorce Certification Program (HCDCP)

  • We stay current on best coaching practices, mental health and domestic violence, and changes in family court regulations 

  • We are dedicated to educating court professionals about the impact of narcissistic behavior in custody cases

How We Give Back

  • Free workshops and pro bono services for disadvantaged women

  • Free workshops for kids and teens

  • Volunteer opportunities in our community

  • Advocate for children and custody arrangements that serve their best interests without bias toward either parent

meet Your strategists and secret weapons

Our Coaches
Claudia Lopez, Founder of Stomping On Eggshells Certified High Conflict Divorce Coach

Claudia Lopez


Certified High Conflict Divorce Coach

Certified Domestic Violence Counselor

Based in Massachusetts, serving clients across the U.S. and internationally


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Heather headshot_edited.jpg

Heather Minicucci

Certified High Conflict Divorce Coach


Based in Massachusetts'

South Shore, serving clients across the U.S. Saturdays and evenings


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"You folks need to get along...

for your child's sake"

Paraphrased from a judge's statement made during a status hearing 

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